This is Cozido

We arrived in Punta Delgada, the largest town (population 67,000) in the Azores at 10 pm Tuesday evening and stayed the one night at a hotel so delightful, we canceled our AirBnB booking for later in the week in order to stay here again. Our first two full days, however, have been in Furnas, a town of 1,500 about 40 km to the east which sits on active fumaroles, places in the earth where the steam from a not-so-defunct volcano pushes out of the earth. There are so many of these that the town has a special dish, called Cozido, that is actually cooked in these fumaroles! Here is how it goes…..

First is the trip up to the lake, about 3 miles outside of town.

It looks perfectly normal, an amazing combination of cold and tropical. When you continue around a bit further, however….

You arrive at the steam pits, very steamy and reminding one of Yellowstone (except, of course, for all the greenery around the edges!).
Local restauranteurs have built deep pits, about a meter deep, at the site of a steam outlet and place a huge pot filled with food: pork loin, sausages, cabbage and other greens, carrots, onions and potatoes.
After 5-6 hours, they return, use long steel rods with hooks to lift out the pots and carry them to a truck to carry back into town to serve at the noon meal.
This delicious stew, thermodynamically cooked, is the result!

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  1. IK, Now i am signed up to follow the blog. But is this your only post? I don’t see any way to “see other posts by Michele” or “Previous/Next” Maybe you need to add these to the blog?


  2. signing in through WordPress as Josh did I am able to see a sequence of posts. I’ll keep checking!


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