Flowers, in Honor of My Sister

Serra de Caldeirao Mountains, Algarve, Portugal

I took a much-anticipated camping trip with my sister a few months ago back in California and we took a day hike out of the redwoods and up a mountain to view the Pacific. On the trail. I learned yet another pleasurable aspect of my sibling. On hikes, she makes it a practice to note every variety of flower on the trail— on this one, we counted just over 20 varieties in about three miles. “You pay more attention altogether,” said she, “when you’re watching for flowers.” As a matter of fact, I did. However, I do not have the knowledge of the names as she does, so on our five mile hike to the top of the Rocha da Pena, I proceeded to photograph each new flower I saw on the trail. Here is my photo diary of this hike, in honor of my sister.

To finish off, here is one of the views we had on the hike— when not looking down at flowers!— on a beautiful, sunny day in the Algarve.

Southern view from Rocha de Pena, Algarve, Portugal (Atlantic Ocean blending with the sky in the background)

2 responses to “Flowers, in Honor of My Sister”

  1. Honored to be so remembered. Put it as my epitaph: She counted the flowers, not the weeds.”


    1. And in the same botanical spirit as that of our parents! You rescue plants and adopt them and they (mostly!) flourish!


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