Obido Post Scriptus

We’re back in Lisbon now, the car relinquished and walking up hill and down in the Bairro Alto neighborhood but I can’t let Obidos go quite yet. I have to mention….

Obidos is known as “The City of Literature” and it merits the title. This town of barely 2,000 inhabitants boasts at least four bookstores, big ones. There’s even a hotel, The Literary Man, that is built as a library, with books from floor to ceiling that guests are free to borrow. I found six Georgette Heyer novels on a hallway shelf!

Yes, this bookstore also sells produce
Floor to ceiling, plus the tables.. and under the tables…. and the floor…
This hotel and restaurant is down the street from our Casa
The dining room is also a reading room and library
The hallway where I found a small collection of Georgette Heyer books.
This photo has nothing to do with books… except that the tree looks like a whomping willow.
Can’t leave without flowers: no matter that there is no room for a porch, much less a yard, people here find a way to adorn their little houses with flowers, either climbing the walls or subsisting in pots of color.

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