Nao, This is Lisbon!

Besides being in the perfect location to start our exploration of Lisbon, we had two fabulous aides: first Rick Steve’s travel guide includes two must-do walking tours, one of Alfama, our neighborhood, the other of Baixa-Chiado, another well-known area with historical merit. The second, even more valuable, is our friend Gregg, who moved here in March and has spent most his days exploring the neighborhoods around his apartment, Arroio, Avenida, Saldana… Here are my impressions after our three days of walking!

Tiled roofs and a cruise ship— is it Cannes? Nao, it’s Lisbon!
Sidewalk cafes abound— is it Paris? Nao, it’s Lisbon!
Tiny alley with clotheslines in… Roma? Puerto Vallarta? Spain? Nao, it’s Lisbon!
Wide, tree-lined avenues featuring monuments and parks— is this Paris? London? New York? Nao, it’s Lisbon!
Single-span bridge by a beach— can it be San Francisco? Nao, it’s Lisbon.
Patterned cobblestones to identify each neighborhood— can this be Rio? No, the craft actually originated here, in Lisbon.
Roman ruins! Not in Rome, Paris or Croatia but here, in Lisbon.
Uniquely Portugal: intricate tile work on most older buildings.
Also, I found unique the number of public viewpoints atop most of Lisbon’s seven hills, giving panoramic views of the River Tejo, churches and their surroundings.

One response to “Nao, This is Lisbon!”

  1. That last picture looks almost like a painted backdrop!


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